ENERGY B12 + CBG Tincture

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Genre Wellness Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops [2500mcg] & Hemp Extract Blend for Energy Boost, Nervous System Health, Anxiety, Stress – Vegan, Gluten Free Natural Extract B12 Methylcobalamin Supplement

  • 😊 [ Promotes Healthy Energy Production ] – Most people do not consume nearly enough vitamin B12 for crucial energy production and health. That is why we at Genre Wellness have created this awesome liquid drop supplement, packed with 2500mcg of vitamin B12 to enhance your memory, reduce fatigue and increase energy levels!
  • 👍 [ Nano-Emulsified Water-Soluble Hemp Extract ] – Hemp extract has been seen to promote nervous system health, reduce stress & anxiety and have anti-inflammatory effects. The combination of B12 and hemp extract make this supplement a stress-free, no-jitter energy booster!
  • 🌱 [ High Potency 2500mcg B12 ] – Are you tired of feeling rundown and anxious all the time? Reduce these effects with this supplement that contains a high potency of 2500mcg B12 per serving! Taking this supplement every day will give you back your vitality, while helping clear your mind of stressful and anxious thoughts! 
  • 😋 [ Mix with Your Favorite Beverages ] – Easily mix this B12 & hemp extract liquid supplement with your favorite beverages! Simply add the recommended drops and stir, blend or mix! This dietary supplement is virtually tasteless inside of a delicious smoothie, juice or protein shake!
  • ✔️【 Made in USA, 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed 】 – We take pride in manufacturing this supplement in a California, USA based certified facility for your added safety and peace of mind. Love this product or simply request a refund; No Questions Asked! If your B12 hemp extract supplement does not bring noticeable value to you and you don't absolutely love it, simply contact us for a refund within the return period.


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